Campaign Against Child Poverty


Public Education

We educate the public about the facts of child and family poverty (see below: “Why We Do It”). The CACP believes that informed public discussion about the facts and implications of child poverty in Canada will lead to the focus on social policy needs that will help all levels of government meet their stated commitments to end child poverty.

Our national public education program is based in part on a long-term media campaign to make the facts public; such a campaign also demonstrates both to the government and to the public the support by key groups for public policy positions that would have a favourable impact on family and child poverty.

Newspaper advertisements have been sponsored, for example, by individuals, by CEO’s of major Canadian corporations, by Companions of the Order of Canada, by leaders of Canada’s faith communities, and by major Canadian newspapers.

Such a public education program also demonstrates to government the strong base of public support for its clear commitment end child poverty.

Professional Advice

Through the professional consultants in our partner organizations, we respond to the requests of various levels of government and their ministries for expert advice on all aspects of child and family poverty. In the past four years we have met with the federal Ministers of Health, Finance, and Human Resources, numerous provincial Ministers, Members of Parliament, and senior civil servants in a number of relevant ministries.

We work with government ministries and cabinet ministers to help them implement their public policy commitments in a practical and timely fashion, and in a manner consistent with our policy benchmarks, indicated below.

Social Dialogue

We respond to the desires of various groups in the community, including the corporate community, to become more actively involved in helping to increase public awareness about child and family poverty, and in supporting government efforts to deal with poverty-related issues.

For further information, please contact 416-595-9230 x 222