Campaign Against Child Poverty


  • Write, call, e-mail, or meet with your Federal Member of Parliament to ask what progress the government is making in fulfilling its commitments with respect to child poverty. Similarly, organize a meeting with your local MPP and ask for information on provincial initiatives to address child poverty.

  • If you are a faith leader or educator addressing a public audience, you may find useful material in the Multi Faith Resource Kit entitled “Keeping Our Promise to Children”. This was produced in collaboration with one of our partners, Citizens for Public Justice, and is available from them for $15 by contacting 416-979-2443 or

  • The musical recording “The Promise” may be of interest to schools and places of worship. This children’s anthem commissioned for the Campaign Against Child Poverty, is available as a CD, a choral arrangement and in lyric form. Please contact the Campaign Against Child Poverty office at 416-595-9230 x222.

  • Contribute to public education and understanding of child poverty by raising the issue at public meetings, in community groups, with friends and colleagues.

  • Volunteer at your local food bank, community centre, help line, etc. Contact the Volunteer Bureau in your community for volunteer opportunities.

  • · To make a tax deductible contribution, please make out your cheque to:

    “F.S.A.T./Campaign Against Child Poverty” and mail it to:

Campaign Against Child Poverty
C/o 355 Church St, Toronto, ON
M5B 1Z8